CommonsPub A generic ActivityPub federated server. Discourse Discussion on Federation support for Discourse. Mobilizon Together, we go further. PeerTube Take back control of your videos WriteFreely A simple, federated writing platform. Chapeau ActivityPub daemon in Django The multimedia CMS for the Fediverse – redaktor is a web content management system to setup your social connected website in minutes. On your own server. redaktor helps you with telling your stories. Funkwhale A social platform to enjoy and share music Mastodon Social networking, back in your hands Pleroma Pleroma is a free, federated social networking server built on open protocols (ActivityPub and OStatus). It’s ressource usage is lightweight (can run on a Raspberry Pi) and is easy to deploy (only requires PostgreSQL for releases). Anfora A decentralized image sharing platform Olki Self-hosted science: corpora, peer reviews, alerts, all in one simple gateway to the fediverse for a science that is more open to the public. Pixelfed Photo sharing. For everyone. Pherephone An activityPub server that reblogs all the statuses of certain actors. Go-Fed Discussion about the suite of Golang ActivityPub libraries and tools.
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