CommonsPub A generic ActivityPub federated server. Mastodon Social networking, back in your hands WriteFreely A simple, federated writing platform. reel2bits reel2bits is a self-hosted Soundtracks and Podcasts sharing, with ActivityPub federation. Funkwhale A social platform to enjoy and share music Mobilizon Together, we go further. kepi ActivityPub daemon in Django Discourse Discussion on Federation support for Discourse. Lemmy Olki Self-hosted science: corpora, peer reviews, alerts, all in one simple gateway to the fediverse for a science that is more open to the public. Pleroma Pleroma is a free, federated social networking server built on open protocols (ActivityPub and OStatus). It’s ressource usage is lightweight (can run on a Raspberry Pi) and is easy to deploy (only requires PostgreSQL for releases). Anfora A decentralized image sharing platform The multimedia CMS for the Fediverse – redaktor is a web content management system to setup your social connected website in minutes. On your own server. redaktor helps you with telling your stories. PeerTube Take back control of your videos Pherephone An activityPub server that reblogs all the statuses of certain actors. Go-Fed Discussion about the suite of Golang ActivityPub libraries and tools. SkoHub SkoHub – Simple Knowledge Organization Hub Pixelfed Photo sharing. For everyone. Gancio A shared agenda for local communities with AP support.
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