2019-12-07 SocialCG Meeting

Hey all! The next Social CG meeting is going to be 2019-12-07T16:00:00Z, and we’re looking for topics to discuss! Please leave topics as replies below, and I’ll add them to the agenda.




Optimizing the main page activitypub.rocks
as proposed here and here

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Hey all, just a reminder that this is tomorrow—let me know if you have anything else you want to add to the agenda!

@Sebastian the OFFDEM post you linked is limited to people who are part of the fosdem2020 group. Mind reproducing the relevant info here?

Oh yeah, and here’s the meeting participation info

Meeting minutes

was asleep when this meeting took place so here’s my response to a point brought up


there’s two categories of issues, one is to get clarification on the spec. sometimes those move to normative / non-normative spec changes. Making a list of those and going through them on the meetings can be useful especially when they’re low hanging fruit, and may give us forward momentum. The second is the broader issues we keep coming back to: in-page social activity, restricting replying, etc.

it would be really nice to know what exactly needs to be done to get to the point of actual spec changes. maybe a lot of issues don’t actually require spec changes so much as they require interpretation of the existing spec, but there are a few issues that do clash with existing assumptions, and imo those do require attention/input. for example, 2019-11-23 SocialCG Meeting where i asked about Follow and Accept/Reject, e.g. formalizing behavior that is not covered by the current spec revision at all like following non-actors, knowing which actor to send to or signaling that an arbitrary object even can be followed; or even non-Follow semantics in cases of groups, version control, side-effect signalling, and other things that aren’t as simple as “i want to subscribe to your deliveries.”