2020-05-09 SocialCG Meeting

At last meeting we decided unanimously to run SocialCG meetings every second Saturday of the month at 16:00 UTC. So, for May 2020, that’s the 9th.

Please refer to the SocialCG wiki for instructions on how to join the IRC+Mumble meeting, as well as instructions to take the role of a scribe. :slight_smile:

This is a wiki, please add topics and point them to relevant discussion. Once a topic is resolved, please check it, so we can skip it during the live meeting.

Topics from last session

These were skipped during last meeting due to a lack of speakers to talk about them. If you’re mentioned and wish not to attend, please check them out.

Current Topics

  1. Precede your topic with [] to create a check list, copy the relevant Discourse topic URL to insert the link. You may also use external resources: this is Markdown. ↩︎

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We had a nice call about datashards post last call. Maybe we should also discuss Datashards. (I don’t know how to edit the list above)…

I wonder if we should start doing a specifically “fediverse implementors show-and-tell and discussion session”, probably on a video call (Jitsi Meet?) as well as the more general SocialCG call. Would be maybe good to talk about that on the call. In some ways I think this is maybe even more important than the existing structure but maybe is also different.

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Sorry @cwebber I had forgotten to make the first post a wiki. It’s now done and I added Datashards to the topics.

Having regular “show and tell” video sessions could be interesting! Some sessions could also be organized as recording sessions to be edited and then “screencast” into an ActivityPub video series.

@cwebber unless I missed something, I don’t think we decided on the next meeting date…
Also, may someone post the minutes here?

In the meeting before last:

<cwebber2> <cwebber2> RESOLVED: Meetings happen second saturday of every month
           at 4pm UTC, and are announced/scheduled by community members on the
           SocialHub forum

So it’s recurring now.

Logs are here: https://www.w3.org/2020/05/09-social-minutes.html

After the meeting is over, RRSAgent posts the link every time, so if I forget to post them (I usually will), feel free to look and post on my behalf, eg it looks like:

<cwebber2> RRSAgent, create minutes  [12:47]
<RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate
           https://www.w3.org/2020/05/09-social-minutes.html cwebber2
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A post was merged into an existing topic: How Solid and ActivityPub complement each other best

Sorry I was very busy elsewhere and forgot to post the May 23 topic, and the June 06 topic as well, so it seems like next meeting should be on June 20, is that right?

I came to 13th of June (2nd Saturday).

Oh yes, you’re right it’s every second Saturday of the month, not every second Saturday… As every collective has their own rules, it becomes difficult to keep them in mind.

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