2021-01-15 SocialCG Meeting - Building a Policy Special Interest Group


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Policy Group

We want to follow the discussions we had about the EU Commissions Proposal of the “Digital Markets Act” and build a Special Interest Group about Interoperability, Interconnection and Data Portability Policy !

Unfortunately suboptimal incidents happen in the USA, so personally may I suggest to reach a group concencus in the beginning, what we now want to speak about too?

Initial minutes

Relevant minutes

and our

Overview and more in the PUBLIC forum
Subsequent Analysis by Dr. Ian Brown

We are 14 people so far. I will sent invitations as DM.
If you want to join the Group, write me a DM here or reply.

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Also, if you want to join the group, you can do so here, using your SocialHub account:


Patrick Breyer, EU MEP, tooted just now:

“[…] Corporate censorship of what a head of state can say is totally inacceptable! When will our institutions finally set up their own interoperable social media nodes (fediverse) and force big tech to interconnect?”

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We have this topic on the agenda for the 2021-01-15 meeting (1700 UTC, Friday). @Sebastian and @how do you think the people who have expressed interest to you so far will be able to make that?


Meeting location

Important update: we will use the new social BBB instance for this meeting. You don’t need an account, and can join directly here.

We will still take notes in w3c #social IRC because we can publish that directly to w3c servers.

Agenda (draft)

  1. Introductions
  2. Creating the Policy Group
    • What is the scope and purpose?
    • What actions can they take?
    • Can/should/do they speak for SocialCG, or to what extent?
    • Who leads the group (2 people at least)
    • How does the group coordinate? Regular meeting? SocialHub threads? Email list?
    • How/when to report back to others in SocialCG?
  3. Influx of new fediverse users (“the wave”)
  4. Next meeting

Thank you all who attended today! We got some very good outcomes. Here are the minutes

We resolved:

  • the remit of the Policy Group is primarily to liase with existing digital/tech political lobbying groups to bring awareness of relevant standards and W3C recommendations which can then be relayed at the right times and in the right places to politicians and policy makers. As part of this, the Policy Group may organise events, briefings, draft documentation, proposals, or open letters which can be co-signed by the SocialCG.
  • the Policy group can use its best judgement to decide which relevant groups to reach out to in its efforts
  • the Policy Group establishes a regular schedule to update the wider SocialCG with anything new.
  • the Policy Group will coordinate activities publicly on the SocialHub forum.

I created the @policy group and associated #meeting:fediverse-policy category to replace the remote @interop group with a closer focus on the Fediverse.

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