Actions and Handling HTTP Operations

I’m interested in using W3C Activity Vocabulary for a project that is not likely to get federated, but I would like to use the data model. (Basically as an alternative to using GraphQL.)

I would like to model actions/action handlers for Objects.

I have seen this page:

which notes there is some overlap between Hydra, Actions, and a proposed Actions vocabulary that seems to have never been implemented:

In particular I would like to be able to have an HTTP operation with a JSON-LD payload that includes a “returns” value where I can list properties, or edges (-> edge -> edge -> edge) to inform the server what data needs to be returned.

Is either Hydra or the best vocabulary to use for this? Or is there a W3C standard?


Edit: Think I found it here, which includes the OWL definition and everything,

Actually this is what I want: