ActivityPub at 36C3 – the "!decentral" assembly and

2019-12-26T23:00:00Z → at this exact location in Leipzig, germany the 36C3 takes place.

was thankfully invited by Holger Krekel and will rock at

–> “!decentral” assembly

Are you there too? Wanna start a session? See this pad.


I’ll be around at 36C3 but yet have to decide which assembly to join.

There’s already a Fediverse meetup planned on day 3.

I’m particularly interested in sharing ‘Events’ [as in]. We had an interesting meetup about this at Camp this summer. Doing it after the Fediverse meetup seems obvious, but a bit late.

Anyone up for doing it earlier than the day 3 evening? I can book a space in Komona (as that’s where I’m staring a programming at the moment anyway).

How about doing it in the “!decentral” assembly (on top) should be on day 1 or 2 ?
I’d also like to start some AP sessions there.

@ekes Friendica already does support events in AP. We could exchance about this on the C3.

If someone has a Frendica instance we could experiment with and see what it supports and how the they integrate with some of the new implementations and what we could do, that would be really cool.

Can do. I’m still navigating my way round all the places to put things. The komona domes are just where I’ve been doing battle with Pretalx (which is only there as then it will ‘integrate’ with the main displays/scheduling).

But anything we can announce, organise, that attracts the interested folks is good for me.

Arrived at C3 - awesome locations.
You can reach me at DECT 5501 …

Ah looks like !decentral is next to Amsterdam (handy for me).

@heluecht I’ve now got a formatted up ActivityStream that I can share. (I’ve gone with just adding the schema PostalAddress as an addition into the AP Place as well). I’m now working on validating and signing for push to outbox and receive inbox - ideal time from my perspective see what Friendica is pushing and reading.

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I still believe a dedicated Friendica category in #software would help people figure out where your discussion board and documentation are :slight_smile:

Enjoy Congress people!

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You used this:

You used this:

Ah! I’m getting conversations mixed! It’s part of a discussion about how to extend Place in Event it’s here… with my current output, or some of it…

Actually I’ve just (git) pulled the frendica code, it looks very helpful for what I’m doing at the moment. I’m going to read it in the train tomorrow.

Hi! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:
We’re just launching our project Social Network Application Cluster, basicly with the same intentions as the fediverse, but with slightly different approaches. Definetly we’re not trying to splitt the community, but rather work in unison. Looking for some discussions! If you want to meet, call me at DECT: 67213

Cheers and good hacking

It was really nice to meet you, thanks.
Currently DECT phone is “empty”.
We skipped Komona and I’ll be back at !decentral in 5 minutes …

Everybody NOTE // CHANGED :
We are still in Lecture Room 11 - -
please come here for the next sessions !!!

Ah cool! Only just managed to get in. I’ll head up there now, for a bit.

Oh no it looks like Haecksenplenum is in there now?

Sorry, I had slept too long. I guess it is over now?

@ekes @heluecht
Continuing in Hall 2 at our !decentral assembly now.
Just because most people got hungry. They get food.
Come by !!!