ActivityPub Hackathon 2020

robin Yay
We will kickstart the Hackathon today, 12:00 UTC in the Hallway Track Room
and Everybody can participate.

Today is about Announce ideas and Create combs.
Some ideas were already sketched here:

So, Monday is an exploration day where people kind of test out ideas and see what kind of things they are thinking that they like to work on.

On Tuesday we basically commit to ideas and everybody writes out what is their planning on doing. And if you do not have it by then and you still experiment as in terms of the general ideas it is obviously OK too.
We find the combs and projects which matter to us and hack/design/write/play during the week …
The combs will schedule asynchronous meetings whenever it is best for them and can meet with other projects in the Hallway Track which is open during the week or via irc channel #apconf freenode …
We can split up in rooms where everybody can share their screens (tell a moderator), coordinate working on repositories and take shared notes.

At the end of the week we come together.
On Sunday, 15:00 UTC we will have presentations in the Hallway Track Room , we specially mean some kinds of demos – so that everyone who is participating in the hackathon can show of what stuff they built during the week.
And even if your thing fails during the week, actually thats just as good as if it succeeds widely.
Because what happens often in a hackathon is when people explore interesting and experimental ideas its sometimes things come out the way you expect and something they don’t – and even hen dont thats a wonderful opportunity, its a lesson for everybody incl yourself.
That is the general idea and structure.

[partly transcribed from the end of the Lightning Talk Round, C. Webber]

Propose your ideas in the category

Tag them “hackathon” in the field "Tags"

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I just want to make sure I have everything together: I proposed some kepi stuff for the hackathon. What do I need to have ready for tomorrow?

If I were you I would:

  • make a short introduction about the project (one paragraph)
  • establish a couple of proposals for the objectives you want to reach during the hackathon
  • break it down into tasks that can be combined to reach these objectives

You can use: - [ ] list item to create a task list in your post:

  • list item

Then you can simply check it when it’s done. Linking the items to a relevant resource (e.g., an issue, or a post describing the task) can be useful…

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Today is a day for exploration. So you are fine.
Just make sure that your proposals are tagged #hackathon and appear here

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