ActivityPub Support for Static Sites

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Another static website application by @mauve:

Discussed on HN here: Show HN: Fediverser Portal – Bring your subreddits to Lemmy | Hacker News

This is my attempt at helping those who are trying to ditch reddit but have not been satisfied with the content from Lemmy or haven’t been able to find the corresponding communities.

There are two sides to this project. The first one is that I have setup a Lemmy instance ( which is mirroring some of the reddit content from subreddits that I wanted to follow with the comments. The difference from most mirroring bots is that, instead of one single bot account mirroring all content, the system creates one account for each reddit user that is being mirrored.

The other part of this idea which I believe is more interesting: reddit users can take over their own mirrored bot account on this Lemmy instance. The instance itself does not use the regular registration process, but instead authenticates via Reddit OAuth. If you login through through the “Portal”, we can then grab your subscribed subreddits and (when it can) find the corresponding Lemmy communities and subscribe you to those automatically. At the moment there are not that Lemmy communities that are being mirrored because I’ve been the sole user, but hopefully if more people sign-up, it will help to create the network effects and more instance admins will be interested in hosting these “fediversed” communities.

All of the code is open source (GitHub - mushroomlabs/fediverser: A set of utilities to help bring content and users from legacy social media networks into the fediverse) and I’m more than willing to help people getting their own instances if they don’t want to use itself.

Questions and any type of feedback is always welcome!

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Via Jeff Sikes reference this blog tutorial series on adding AP static site support:

The articles written by,

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Thanks for sharing! @mapache is me.

I have created a template and a video to make things easier for others.

Happy to answer any questions