Bayesian filtering for Activity Streams spam

In 2002 Paul Graham published a document called “A Plan For Spam”. A Plan for Spam It outlined techniques for using Bayesian filtering on email to separate spam from non-spam.

It’s been extremely successful.

WordPress has a service called Akismet that does Bayesian filtering for blog comments.

For, we had a brutal spam problem. We built a spam detection server that did Bayesian filtering on Activity Streams 1.0 objects:

I’d like to update the service for AS2. But I need to find some servers to test with.

Are there any AP servers that enable pluggable filters on S2S incoming activities?


-1 concept NACK

I’m very much against individuals or software spamming mainnet, or releasing code to do so

Expect huge push back on this

Perhaps create a testnet with some experiments would work better

Pleroma: Message Rewrite Facility - Pleroma Documentation.

And here’s a thread were I was musing about cross-platform pluggable filters: Pluggable activity handlers.


Melvin, you realise this is about a tool to filter out spam, and not one to generate spam, right?

Thank you! I’d heard about the Pleroma milters. I’ll give em a try.

If its not generating spam, that’s OK

The repo activityspam was behind a login challenge, so it was unclear from your original post

Objection retracted.

Suggest renaming it from something like “activityspam” to “activityshield” or “activityguard”, something along those lines

Especially while it’s behind a login challenge, it makes it more clear the intention

Or make it link to a public README

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