Bonfire and Redaktor introduction & alignment meeting

I sent you a DM in Mastodon before I saw @mayel replying here. Should we try to coordinate a call here or there? I’m thinking DMs there are less disuptive to the forum thread…but don’t care that much.

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I do not have a DM in mastodon.

Don’t know what happened. Tried again from my identity. First one was from my commonspub identity (precursor to Bonfire).

But if you don’t get that, I guess we’re stuck here…

Hi all, I’ve given this a dedicated topic, so go ahead and discuss to your hearts content :slight_smile:

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Sebastian, you introduced the idea of an audio chat. What did you have in mind? Bonfire and Redaktor alignment? Or something less ambitious like get-acquainted? Or somewhere in between?

“alignment” might be misleading cause everybody just needs to follow the Conformance Section in the spec. of the ActivityPub protocol [did not write this headline].
See From silo-first to task-oriented federated app design - #2 by Sebastian

In the last SocialCG we had wonderful demos for Client-To-Server just needing a generic LinkedData Server and everyone can build their clients just like with Holochain (there without a server at all).
So, personally I would love to learn about Valueflows in ActivityPub.
Like with the ActivityPub Conf, I would like each meeting being “public” and open to everyone.

When you wrote the above quote I was also writing the proposal for a student project to Dr. Tristan of St. Andrews (maybe we can benefit together).
And I will work out together with Cristina DeLisle about her quote
“so when you as an admin were peering with another instance you are showing your set of values, and if that other instance believes that they are sharing those values, that instance can peer with you”
This is part of my NGI DAPSI proposal and I thought, it might be similar to what you want to do.

But get-acquainted is included :wink:

I will avoid saying “blockchain” and replace it by ledger.
But I do not think that we should change the scope of this forum to another than we defined it when we built it :slight_smile:

We welcome both technical and non-technical discussion. Non-technical discussion should focus on cooperation across, between, and beyond projects; governance of the commons; ethics and aesthetics; etc.

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Ok with me.

is good.

ISO is publishing a distributed ledger document that does not mention blockchains. Bill McCarthy of REA is involved. (Valueflows is based on REA, among other experiences.) Here’s an image:

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Hm, how about Thursday, 4th of March - 8pm CET which is 9pm Athens and 1pm CT :

2021-03-04T19:00:00Z ?

Ok with me and Lynn Foster.

So, recap, after a short ActivityPub conversation between we would like to


2021-03-04T20:00:00Z in this BBB room

20:00 or 21:00? You seem to have proposed both.

21:00 because of a timezone change of 1 participant, would be happy if you join.

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Can you make an agenda? It’s always easier to have a meeting with an agenda, so that participants can prepare better and know what to expect…

See above and probably still the Conformance Section in the Specs.
From what I read here in the forum it seems to be fashionable to be exclusive and “reach out to a few before launch” :rofl:

hey there,

Thx @how for pulling me up here, I am trying to understand what is happening.

I see that you want to discuss community values and technical issues but Its really not clear what this meeting is about. I also would need an agenda (especially that i have to cancel a nice plan on the 4th in order to attend).

I went through @bhaugen article about mutual coordination economy on P2P foundation; it made me enter a not enough known world of globalized production tracking; discovering the idea of ecosystem coordination via signals. Many questions come to mind such as what sensors for what, for whom, where do they come from. Social issues, privacy issues, equity issues. production issues. control issues etc… etc… etc… Also there is a lot of knowledge that is rare and welcome in the commons economy.
I believe those questions are not the topic of this meeting.

I understand maybe the topic of this meeting is to coordinate existing projects that deal with data and information among them community mapping projects, is this about right?
Starting from there can we list participating projects, and what they do this will maybe help define an agenda.
Maybe I can start by bringing IN COMMON :slight_smile:
IN COMMON proposes a model and an API where civil society and solidary economy actors can share, view, and map their data. IN COMMON is also a community whose members meet regularly.

I don’t know for sure, but the conversation about the meeting has become a little fragmented.

I don’t think that P2P Foundation article is very relevant, though.

@Sebastian suggested a meeting after I posted this set of links in this other thread:

It was mostly about Bonfire and community economic systems as described in A fractal economy — Economic Networks , where mapping can be part of the picture but economic provisioning is more central, and that is my focus.

Sebastian can explain his interest, but I see a lot of intersections between that Bonfire project and his project, which is a lot more focused on maps.

He also said he wants it to be an open meeting so you should feel welcome to attend and bring in IN COMMON.

I agree however it would be great if one of you described those intersections it would help formulate an agenda for the meeting.

Would love to but please clarify what is the intention.

Thanks for the link about fractal economic networks I find it quite abstract, and I wonder how it addresses basic needs of peasants, that deploy over time and generations engaging with the variety of systems of rules and regulations of the country they live in. Maybe better described here: Comment une petite société coopérative tente de changer radicalement le monde paysan - Basta !

I’ll wait for @Sebastian to clarify intention and agenda. He called the meeting. I’m just responding to you about stuff I wrote and know something about.

That particular blog post is about Solawis, which are solidarity agriculture associations, in the examples and articles cited there, in Germany, and how they are expanding into cooperative community economies. Solawis are not abstract, they are living organizations, altho the fractal stuff is abstract. Sorry about that.

I doubt that it addresses many of the needs you mentioned, but thanks for the link, I’ll study the very interesting article and see if it might have any bits of relevance.

I’ll describe the intersections I see, but don’t know if it helps with an agenda.

People post offers and needs in Redaktor, and they can also do the same in Bonfire. Both of them use the Activity Pub protocol in one way or another, altho I am not sure how Redaktor uses it. Bonfire would love some maps and doesn’t have any so far. Probly more intersections that I don’t see yet.

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I would appreciate an agenda as well since I’m supposed to be on the road that day.
Also, I find a meeting without an agenda quite useless.