Continuing the DoOcracy

Given that we managed to essentially break FEP over the last few weeks, I’m not surprised one might be hesitant to wade into the currently needed maintenance.

If you don’t think FEP is currently broken, I open more often to look up FEPs nowadays than the official FEP repository. Getting out of this mess will be hard. I don’t think I know how, or have the energy / patience to figure it out.

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Is that breakage related to this PR by @silverpill who makes some fixes? There’s some PR’s pending and one with more fixes to submit. I may have time tomorrow to merge, but would also ping other FEP editors @fr33domlover @Dodecahedron @helge and @weex (who has been most active thus far).

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There’s some uncertainty regarding directory structure (currently being discussed in adjacent FEP-a4ed thread).

(silverpill/feps - feps - is just a sandbox where I’m working on proposals. I will submit PRs to the main repo when the normal process resumes.)

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DoOcracy is a democratic, largely messy consensuses based aproch to “governance”.

It’s not a native “liberation cat” path that most people take, are we on the same path in this space: Do-ocracy - Noisebridge

Use little-c consensus

If you’re concerned that a change may be a little too impactful to just do, and you want to make sure it’s ok to do, speak to the people who are likely to be impacted. Be willing to find outcomes that everyone can live with.

If you dissent with a doacratic motion, start a conversation, blocking without engagement to find compromise is not excellent.