Create Activity (Object or Objects)

Hello all,
I am wondering in relation to the ActivityPub specification specifically on C2s, but is more general.

When I create an activity, I actually create an object. And does the specification specify that this object should be exactly ONE object? Or can it be an object that links other objects?

I add an example (without surrounding activity!)

@prefix output-file: <> .
@prefix schema: <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix SLR: <http://xxxxxxxxxxx/ns/slr#> .
@prefix as: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

<> a SLR:CreateActor;
  <> <http://localhost:8082/actors/4c207e4d-4b66-4a38-afa9-ec626a9f7a51>;
  as:object <>;
  as:to <http://localhost:8082/actors/4d055143-83c7-423e-bf5e-312e4443f467> .

<> a as:Object;
  as:name "33333333" .

And how does the C2S create activity has to handle that? Just create the Object and ignore or save both objects.



I have similar questions (e.g. what if I create a Collection) and it has Objects which are not created yet …

It seems a rarely happening very short Social CG makes little sense.
There are so many C2S questions and we decided to have a hackathon about that.
Is now the time?

are all these questions summarized somewhere?

i’m not so convinced about hackathons and can’t imagine how a hackathon is supposed to clarify questions that arise during implementation.

currently i read 6.3 partial-updates

This only applies to the top-level fields of the updated object.

I understand that like “an object can have sub-objects” as in my example above.
But that doesn’t make it clearer, rather the opposite.


I wonder if there should not be a connection between activities.
Suppose a client app creates an activity in Leo’s outbox.
The server delivers this activity to the receivers and in the receivers inbox there is (more or less) a “copy” of the activity with a new id.
I have the need to link the activities with the attributedTo property.

ns2:activity237 as:attributedTo ns1:activity249
ns1:activity249 as:attributedTo ns2:activity237

Is there anything in your opinion for or against this?