Decentralized node blocking policies


I’m not sure which Category to use for this post. Please move it as you see fit.

I’d like to share with you a small piece of software that helps to define node blocking and/or following (which is the case for Peertube) policies.

The idea behind this software is to avoid centralized white/black lists, and instead enable node admins to create their own policies based on the policies of other ‘likewise’ nodes.

I hope it’s helpful to someone :slight_smile:



Loving this!

Very interesting, and it has a relation to a subject that I started a brainstorm #fediversity:fediverse-futures topic about:

And it has a non-technical Lemmy companion post too:

Now I am not very familiar in this domain, so it is hard to gauge the value of these ideas. Maybe you’d like to hop onto these threads and add your ideas?   :smiley:

PS. In any case, I added your project to the ActivityPub Developer Resources Watchlist

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Hello @tuttle and thank you very much for posting it!
It would also be nice if you find a chance to talk about it or demo, for example there is a meeting tomorrow 2021-05-01 Fediverse Interest Group Meeting