Developers Meeting 4 : Context

Following Developers Meeting 3 : Groups (2)
The next meeting will be in 1 week, per decision 1 hour later:


  • 5pm UTC
  • 12am EST
  • 9am PST

with an open end.

We want to talk about how we can use the context property and Relationship to Group all the things.


  • 5min : 40s-introductions/reintroductions

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Cool, we have one 02. Tech Spec - openwebgovernancebody - Open Media Network

I’d like to talk about interconnectivity quickly for 5 minutes with an invitation to an extra meeting for everyone interested. I really would like an in person discussion about this with some of the AP veterans but also everybody generally interested in the backbones.
Fill this link till tuesday, so we can set the date: AP: Interconnectivity - When2meet
If most people vote for having the interconnectivity meeting right after, rather than having a separate date, that’s fine by me.

What do i expect from the interconnectivity meeting?
I’d like it to be an open and open ended meeting. Ideas and questions are welcome, we’ll then can see what kind of cooperations can come out of it. I’d like to share our process and findings so far and would like to show which kind of questions are still open ended. Agenda could be:

  1. Getting to know other people interested in the topic
  2. Discuss raising support for the topic
  3. Discuss technical details for interconnectivity
    Looking forward!

Recap what I mean by interconnectivity:

  1. On a technical level it should be possible to connect from each network to any other - that’s the core vision of AP for me. Applications and networks can then choose based on design, which communities and formats they want to connect with, not due to technical limitations.
  2. Interoperability (providing common toolsets) does go a long way in acchieving this goal. But I believe only relying on interoperability will not bring us general compatibility.
    We see defacto incompatibilities across various applications in practice, but also in theory problems become apparent: Two different applications which do provide different interaction functionality, will not be compatible with each other, even if each functionality is defined in a common protocol. (Unless its mandated each application implements ALL possible functionalities given by a very large protocol with unlimited tools to map potential diversity, which also should not be the way to go)
  3. Accept not all applications will be interoperable due to diversity, but some users still might want to share accross. So: Any protocol, network and application which is built for open communication needs to be technically prepared to serve and present communication it is not interoperable with.
  4. The minimal requirement to ensure the serving and presenting of technical foreign content/communication needs to be embeded in the protocol as a must have.

In the core, we aim to progress this concept for the activitypub spec. Ensuring communication across the fediverse independent from the technology will enhance the user experience significantly, but also allow more freedom for each application, increasing innovative potential.

/me in.

Some of us might have scheduled direct meetings directly after the AP meeting, so I activated the rest of the week.

PS: That was 8 clicks. If you would like to support the Shift key to replace 8 clicks by 1, have a look at the code for the redaktor calendar widget


Would you like to demo the widget in tonights meeting? Happy to use it then, probably its quite easy and fast when you show how its done.

Hm, demoed in the meeting 3 already but happy to show later.

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