Discourse will be joining the Fediverse

Some time after the Discourse as a company decided to return the NGI Zero funding they received for adding federation support, another company, the Pavilion cooperative - a Discourse forum integrator and plugin developer - has decided to pick up the glove and re-apply for funding. They’ll probably start developing in 2022.

Of course this is wonderful news. Discourse is developer and supplier of one of the best community forum softwares to be had, and very popular for use in FOSS projects and many open initiatives.

This move towards the Fediverse is in part thanks to various SocialHub members, who kept the topic alive on Discourse’s own forum. And it was @how, admin of SocialHub and mentor for NGI0 funding, who gave the deciding push.

See also this fediverse thread. I have cross-posted this to our Lemmy brainstorming space.


I’d be interested to read more about this. Do you happen to know where I could find information? I’m a daily user of Discourse and I’ll be very happy when federation becomes a reality. In addition Discourse share the same language as GitLab: their implementation can be re-used, at least in part, which matters to fedeproxy.

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A good approach would be to start another topic here in the #software:discourse category and then attract attention to it on Discourse Meta forum, so hopefully Pavilion members will join SocialHub. Other than that @how currently has most background knowledge I think.

Same here that my team who applied wants more information.
The official statement by NGI0 was 2 months ago that it makes no sense to apply regarding discourse …

Do you have a link to this statement?

It was a response to our team by phone.
Witnessed to EU Ombudsman.

Asked again re. the max. amount NGI0 is giving per project.
200.000 – is that a Horizon grant?
I guess, the EU is wondering too.

If “the EU” is willing to know, maybe “they” can ask for themselves, or simply read the NGI0 website where this is mentioned.

And Mastodon, FWIW. I would expect developers to pick up some stuff there, at least for what is actually compliant.

This sounds good, especially as qoto has both mastodon, peertube ad discourse, it may make sharing content / discussions easier.

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Sorry, nobody finds it on the website.
Do you mind to share a link?
If I do a site specific search, it only finds this page

In the end it says

This project is archived. Due to circumstances, the project as planned did not take place.

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The grant proposal was rejected. Next try next year.