Efficient multimedia embeds (videos, audio clips etc)

“I’ve historically been against putting YouTube or other media embeds in Pinafore because of the privacy, security, and performance costs of iframes. Right now Pinafore completely disallows cross-origin iframes in its CSP, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. But if Funkwhale offered some way to directly use an

I’d really love to be able to watch videos from PeerTube instances in my Pinafore client, and listen to songs from FunkWhale instances (once AP implementation is fully rolled out). I agree with Nolan that this ought to be done with simple HTML/CSS elements as much as possible, to keep the performance costs down on both ends. Does anyone have any thoughts about the best practice for doing this - on the server sending the media, the receiving server, and the displaying client - and where this is/ can be documented?