Fediverse Developer Network

As many of you know already, one of the concrete activities to come out of FediForum was the ideas of a Fediverse Developer Network. The idea is to bring ActivityPub and related developers together, and solve and document day-to-day interop problems across the entire stack. It is intended to be complementary with SWICG and SocialHub.

Beginnings of a website with more info: https://fedidevs.org/
Matrix rooms: https://matrix.to/#/#fediverse-developer-network:matrix.org (80 something people so far)

Contributions welcome :slight_smile:


Nice, but how come this isn’t an extension of activitypub.rocks? E.g. devs.activitypub.rocks

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That is proposed (in a loose aggregation of independent initiatives, and an open issue in FediDevs.

You mean just the domain name? Does it matter?

Also, the intent is to cover the entire stack needed to make interop work, not just ActivityPub.

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Just curious, when you say “entire stack” what do you mean by that in this context?

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i assume webfinger, http signatures, and going further even things like specific payloads for specific projects


It is supposed to be developer-driven, so they decide what they need to make the interop scenarios work they want to implement. If that turned out to be something entirely new (say, the exchange of resume or health or geolocation or whatever data), that would be in-scope, too.

This is why we have groups. Can we please stop already with trying to centralise everybody and everything into single sites and silos? That’s inconsistent with the entire ethos of the fediverse. I already have a home, and it federates - thank you.


Ambitious! I like this. I think it should be considered a goal for all Fediverse Developer Communities to move to federated infrastructure. If the infrastructure does not exist yet, you know what to build.