Feneas research wiki has a new 'Developer resources' page

Hi all,

As a follow-up to Easing the onboarding of new developers to the Fediverse where I already mentioned this, I have created a page to track AP-related development resources on the Feneas research wiki.

Your additions and feedback most welcome (see also this issue).

I see a lot of placeholders there and all this looks like you want to drag people from here to there: we already have wiki and collaborative writing capacity here in the SocialHub. Why not put relevant resources here in #fediversity?

@cjs already proposed to gather such resources, and I see more meaning in joining forces rather than splitting up resources. This story seems to be repeating: would you please consider collaborating with him instead?

Well that is part of the onboarding discussion mentioned above, where @cjs also participated. There are a number of suggestions there on how to structure things intuitively and without overlap. It is the reason why I created the topic in the first place.

Possibly in that topic @cjs first mentioned the idea for a Library.

Before that I discussed with @lostinlight about having a developer section on fediverse.party, but we’ll wait with that for a while. Right now I just collected code projects for developers, which is fitting for fediverse.party in the role of a directory, and most of which where on the main AP watchlist before.

For the other sections I also intend to include code projects if possible, but for sections where this does not apply (e.g. API docs) I’ll happily help maintain them in another place. Don’t know if wiki posts on the forum are a good place, unless they are pinned in the category or even globally. They tend to sink into forum history.

Besides the library initiative that popped up, I proposed…

Maybe (just brainstorming) the separation of concerns could be:

  • fediverse.party: The authoritative Fediverse directory for end-users and techies (given the tech metrics in directory entries).
  • activitypub.dev: The authoritative AP/Fediverse in-depth development guide and resource pointers.
  • activitypub.rocks: The authoritative AP/Fediverse reference for specifications and future versions/extensions thereof.
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