Guide for new ActivityPub implementers


Please see the post about the new main page and the demonstration -

Wow, the demonstration has some really great improvements!

The new page tries to reach “implementers” and “end users”, so we could split the guide in 2 parts, the introduction, terminology, why and some resources are for “end-users” and we can make the rest for “implementers” and in the beginning link the userguide.

I’d love to contribute to that. I’ll start by dividing up what I’ve drafted and filling in some additional pieces. I might try three parts: a general intro for everyone, a section for end users, and a section for implementers. I’ll draw on your and others’ suggestions, including those at Discussing the evolution of the site.

If you want you can also make the post a wiki (keep a copy of the original then). This would make the guid directly editable for everyone.

I looked for a way to post a wiki but didn’t find it. Can you point me in the right direction? Thx!

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The wiki should be at the more icon ••• and then at the :hammer_and_wrench: (without the hammer) – maybe only admins can do – then we can work it out after splitting.
Thank You.

Go-fed? Also go-ap link for me is broken for some reason (may be on my end).

I don’t have the required permission. I’ll contact a site admin and see what we can do.

If you want it to be a wiki now: I can change it.

Yes please! I’d like to divide this into three separate pieces:

  • An introduction to ActivityPub (for everyone, including users and implementers)
  • An ActivityPub users guide
  • An ActivityPub users implementers guide (this one)

Are you okay to create placeholder wikis for the other two as well as converting this one into a wiki?

And a couple of followup notes…

I’ve opened a couple of issues on the repo that powers Fediverse.Party:

I think that’s a better place for listings of projects than trying to replicate all that here.

Do you come to OFFDEM Brussels in 9 days ?

No, I’m too far away (west coast of Canada).

Both first posts (also “addendum”) are now wikis –
everybody should be able to edit them now.
Placeholders are not possible I think.

@Sebastian thx! I’ve done a first pass at redrafting as three guides. I’ve also pulled out most of what was in the section “Potential models and building blocks”. Instead I’ve pointed to some places to discover ActivityPub implementations and I’ll open an issue on Fediverse.Party to add in the projects I’d compiled that aren’t there already.

I’d like to start figuring out some next steps. If this is potential content for the draft improvements, how do we get from here to there? Maybe we need a documentation team? Maybe there is one already? In any case, I’d be happy to participate.

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We’re hitting the length limit for posts, so I’ll add here a stub of a last section of the implementers’ guide on how to improve ActivityPub as suggested earlier by @Sebastian:

Improving ActivityPub

Aided by a culture of collaboration among Fediverse advocates and participants, there is ongoing work to improve both the ActivityPub specification and interoperability among different ActivityPub implementations. Initiatives like FediConf, Feneas, and the ActivityPub forum on Activitypub.Rocks are great places to connect with other implementers and help move things forward.


@nedjo: I’ve gone ahead and upped the post length limit, so at least until we find a better place for it we can continue on with posting here. I think we should also split a couple of these sections out into their own threads, like “Introduction to Activitypub” and “Guide for new Activitypub users”—would you mind making new threads for these? I think that would make this post a lot more navigable.

@nightpool: done:

When you get a chance, please convert those other two pages into wikis. Thx!

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I use it too. Mostly because of LD-signatures.

I created a topic to discuss this again: Easing the onboarding of new developers to the Fediverse (and this post will bump the wiki guide to the top again, which is also good for attention :wink: )

Sadly, the link does not work. Was it perhaps @cjs blog post?

The link seems to be gone @cjs

But it is in as

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@cjs will you restore the link, or should we update to the archived one?

There are some great resources in the guide including many protocols and implementation docs, so I made a list. #7 - Problem: There is no comprehensive list of federation standards in use - the-fediverse -