Help needed with #pherephone development. Boosts not federating to pleroma

I am completely on the “be liberal in what you accept, be strict on what you send” philosophy, it’s just that ActivityStreams2/ActivityPub allows way too may ways of formatting the same data for something which is supposed to be machine-readable, it reminds me a lot of trying to parse iCalendar data which sometimes just has three ways of formatting basic data (ActivityStreams can often do: string, object, string-list, object-list).

lanodan, I am severely tempted to dive in both-feet-first into complaining about JSON-LD with you. :slight_smile:

Sounds fair! If you change your mind, the go-fed/activity/streams generated code package is available for ActivityStreams stand-alone (independent of ActivityPub), solely to solve the serialization/deserialization problems and enforce the ontological structure at the level of static type safety.

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