Hi, I'm new!

Amen, I’m excited to be here! Looking forward to meeting people!

Hi, can you be a bit more explicit in what brings you to the SocialHub?

Have a nice day!

Hi! I have been looking for alternatives to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. I admit that I know nothing of Social Hub, but I wanted to give it a shot. The main reasons for my accounts on Facebook and such is for business. But of course, I connected with friends and family too. So I currently use them for social reasons, but I’m tired of the harassment and censorship on the mainstream so I am desperate to jump ship, use the alternatives and take as many people with me as I can.

Does there NEED to be a specific purpose for me to join here? Just curious. Nice to meet you either way!

Hi, there’s no need for a specific purpose joining here, but it’s useful to know it’s the community implementing and discussing ActivityPub W3C Recommendation. You might want to have a look at the #welcome tag.

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I guess the need “I have been looking for alternatives to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram” and “tired of the harassment” is absolutely valid :wink:
You will find a good alternative in the ActivityPub protocol. If you are looking for concrete existing things, the Software Category is a good start and then if you’re interested to build new things I would propose to look in the specifications of

And bonus game: “The ultimate conference”