How to implement ActivityPub for a blog that has multiple authors?

Hey there, I recently got into ActivityPub, started using Mastodon and thought that’d it be cool to integrate ActivityPub into my personal blog. I want to write a simple blogging software from scratch to experiment and tinker with the protocols. I was able to understand most of the ActivityPub spec, though I haven’t found a good way to model the following scenario:

  • There is a blog actor that people can follow to see new blog posts
  • Possibly multiple people can post to the blog via ActivityPub (they act as separate authors - I don’t want them to share the “blog actor” credentials or something)

In short, I’m wondering how I can make an actor that is a union of other actors. The best I could come up with so far is automatic reposting. But that would introduce a redundancy if the author actors address their posts to the Public audience for example. And I would want to have a single comment section for a post etc.

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Group would work, although actor types don’t really matter that much

Use the Announce activity, to have the blog actor reshare the article from the post author natively that way

I suggest you look at Plume which implements exactly this.