I am looking for an easy to plug-ing .NET MVC implementation


I work on the development team of a startup company which helps people go through very difficult times. As part of our plans, we want to revamp our comments systems, ditching Disqus for something more robust. I suggested ActivityPub and the rest of the team seems to want to go on with it, which makes me quite excited as I believe us, our users, and ActiviryPub would benefit from it.

We use .NET MVC as our backend and that’s where the ActivityPub implementation would sit, but we are planning a migration to .NET Core in the near future.

Checking through this list https://activitypub.rocks/implementation-report/ I found Kroeg to be basically a perfect fit, though it worries me the project haven’t seen an update in the past 3 years, the link listed on this page is a 404, and the only thing I found on GitHub is https://github.com/jfmcbrayer/Kroeg/tree/master/Kroeg.Server which looks like just a fork from the original project.

I was wondering if someone here would be able to give us some directions or ideas? We really want this to work.