Improving forum + overall community accessibility

Hi all,

Given the many open discussions with unresolved stuff in it, would it be beneficial to add:

  1. An open-issues tage for the topics that have them.
  2. A ‘mark as solution’ checkbox to highlight said solutions (requires plugin, I believe)

What are some other ways in which we can make the forum more efficient?

  • On mobile the pinned topics show part of the topic text, not just title, which takes too much space.
  • On mobile too the plugin to default to /latest is disabled (due to APConf troubleshooting of DB corruption)


There’s also a Discourse menu plugin that gives you a full-blown dropdown menu on top of the forum. We can use this to provide an easy overview and quick drillfown to all the various fragmented sites and places where the community does her work. Like e.g. right now if I want to go to the FEP repo, I type in the FF address bar and let its history guide me. Others will just not be aware of it unless they bump into + read the proper FEP thread.

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The solved plugin is enabled but not on all categories. I think there’s a per-category switch.

This is actually a theme component: Header submenus

@how, I strongly suggest we evaluate its use, as we have so many external links we can add to this.


We could have links to implementations, FEPs…

Software > client > …
Software > server > …
Software > libraries > …

ActivityPub > Social CG
ActivityPub > Interop SIG
ActivityPub > W3C Recommendation
ActivityPub > FEPs > …

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@how could you disable “show pinned excerpt mobile” setting. On mobile the 3 pinned topics + excerpts take the whole screen.

Also, since it wasn’t related to the db corruption during AP conf, you might enable the ‘default to /latest on mobile’ component again.

Done, is this a new one? I never saw it before.

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It exists for some time, not really sure when it was added. Update: Excerpts are hidden now. The /latest not yet… don’t dare to activate? :wink:

Oops, I overlooked that part, it should be active now.

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I didn’t mean not to use the header menu component. Indeed I even proposed some content for it, but there was no follow-up and we were distracted by other things. See Improving forum + overall community accessibility - #4 by how

I’d be happy to implement the change once we have a good approach for it :slight_smile:

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