IRC still there?

The homepage says “You can join the #social IRC channel” which doesn’t work for me – is this still supposed to work?

ah, I found to work. (see Internet Relay Chat (IRC))

Yes, unfortunately the community driving Fediverse has become less active, and many tools like test suites aren’t usable for some time. That leaves developers asking questions on this forum and on the fediverse itself, in various codebases, project trackers and matrix rooms. It makes onboarding harder unfortunately. Here in Fediverse Futures - you at least find some up-to-date delightful lists with fedi-related projects.

Are you working on a particular AP project, or planning one?


Thanks for the list!

indeed, I have a funding request pending

Similar got turned down several times before (‘no public interest’) , but this time I’ll do it regardless.

Frankly I don’t trust in activitypub and would prefer websub, but AP or more precisely masto-compat is the thing today. So, if in Rome, do as the Romans do.


Just btw.

Similar got turned down several times before (‘no public interest’) , but this time I’ll do it regardless.

I am in the same position (we applied over 3 years at NGI0 with 8 people).
This is also exactly the way to go.
Let us not praise autocrat-funding but let us do things regardless!

Frankly I don’t trust in activitypub and would prefer websub

Also exactly the same.
If only websub and micropub would have got some more users.
PS: Organised some IndieWebCamps (e.g. 1 at Mozilla Berlin), what is also discouraging is the lacking support for (open) protocols in browsers, made a demo in Brighton once Demos - IndieWebCamp Brighton 2016 - YouTube

This is typically my attitude. i.e. to “do it regardless”, because nobody else will.

I think what the EU people really want is a sillicon valley in France or Germany, rivaling the US, rather than a more substantial change.

@bashrc @Sebastian

desire goes where imagination has been before. That’s why Don Norman says ‘never ask for requirements’ because people only ever wish for what they know already. Never visionary things. History repeating.

Big organisations understand and cooperate with similars. Never will a megacorp care about millions of individuals. Even if they wanted, they couldn’t. I reflected on that in a 5min talk at - Lightning Talks Day 2


I think the main issues are interoperability, user interfaces, and reaching a tipping point.

Email is the most popular decentralized federated system there is and its continued popularity is because almost everyone has an email address. The “network effect” is in full effect: as the number of active users grows, the network becomes more popular. Most fediverse projects have not reached that tipping point.

And, you can use your email address for more than email. You can use it to log into other websites.

Although many fediverse projects use ActivityPub, how many of those projects actively inform users that they can connect to or follow accounts outside that project? Their design makes them feel like islands, even though they technically can talk to one another.

Also, another problem is the lack of nomadic identity or remote login ability between projects. Zot/Nomad protocol handles this well, but very few projects have adopted it.

Some might have lost some interest because of the lack of traction so far on some projects, but now is the time to push forward and perhaps rethink some design choices.