Lessons learned & action points from 1st ActivityPub-EC-webinar

In the meantime I uploaded the videos to peertube.public.cat and they are visible on the agenda. I also updated the slides metadata on HedgeDoc to show rich links, and uploaded @j8ter’s slides as well.

It would be nice to update the participants list and upload the chat log to EC - NGI0 Liaison -- Webinars and Workshop April 2021, @aschrijver would you do it? Maybe use the [details="chat log"] feature to avoid cluttering the page.


Done. Great that you have the video available on public.cat, thanks!

Update: Shall I also include the more detailed Notes with people’s introduction to the participants section?


Yes, why not. You may also order the names by alphabetical order. :wink:

I did not sort, but took significant time to format all fedi addresses appropriately :grin:


Just want to mention that the channel where the video is posted has 4 subscribers.
Official channels have more, e.g. 412 subscribers

Yeah, but conf.tube admin did not respond, and neither did the people who have the credentials for the apconf account. So the math is irrelevant here :slight_smile:

Hm, the people with “credentials” are Morgan/Chris and me.
I did not get any question.

I saw the above now - I did not get a notification.
The only notification was about Social CG.
Maybe a bug with strikethrough text?

The last one is 5 posts above, and I’m pretty sure I and others have mentioned conf.tube for a while in different places. So if you like to push the videos to this account it would be great. I still have the hope conf.tube admins will end up responding so we can have a socialhub account there to share more videos than just #apconf.

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see edit above, currently importing via URL …


Thank you for adding ActivityPub For Administrations (with chat) 2021-04-19 - ConfTube

Have you seen my DM about the cooperations with universities?
We have to cancel all the cooperations because of NGI0 :roll_eyes: but I think, the contact which I sent would be a good opportunity for ActivityPub …

Why is that? How is it related to the topic?

Well, redaktor was planned as a one of these solution you seeked in the webinar.
Those, making sense. We wanted to deliver for ridiculous low-cost and with e.g. a research part and this was why I talked to the professors and became astonished how high the enthusiasm for ActivityPub is at European universities and how much this is ignored.
However, now that I do the project in a VC-context, I can’t do both.
On the other hand and as described in the DM, I think that master thesis’ of a European major uni adds a great benefit.

Funders, please note: The decisions you recently made in a time of a worldwide pandemic shocked me.


I think this is a VERY important topic and opportunity for SocialHub, AP and Fedi. Not just universities, but involving Education initiatives of all kinds. Something I want to make part of Organizing for SocialHub Community Empowerment.


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I have sent hellekin our first contact yesterday but that was not so successful.
We will see.

This is up to the community to engage with the institutions during the webinar and workshop. As you know we made a lot of effort to show the diversity of implementations and not single one out. Probably the focus on Mastodon comes from the perceived demand from the institution, because it’s the ‘flag ship’. But I’m also better touched by flags when they burn, when the symbol becomes a show of the diversity once the smoke dissipates.

Joost and other have contacted a number of people who would like to participate in the webinar and workshop. As you can see from the participant’s list, no Mastodon here, but a few others. I know that Castopod, Hubzilla, and Kazarma already showed up and demonstrated interest in sharing this.

Personally I do not intend to demonstrate Mastodon during the workshop because:

  1. nobody showed interest from their community to our activities here
  2. the implementation has always been shifting away from the specification instead of sharing their intents with the community
  3. I’d rather have the EC experiment with something some attendants have experience with (e.g., Peertube) or something that we can ensure will be complementary and interoperable.
  4. I would love that software developers from your list show up, simply because it’s much easier to do a workshop with knowledgeable people, and because it would help attendees figure out the opportunities at their hand if they’re willing to pursue.

In the end Mastodon is perceived as a low-hanging fruit because it replicates ‘known’ (dis-)services like Fakebooz and Gaggle. But focusing on it, IMO, would be a mistake because there’s so much more that can be done with ActivityPub than just publishing posts. The workshop is an opportunity to show-case the system, and the community should be working on figuring out ways to demonstrate means to ends, instead of the perceived need of the EC. E.g., when people mentioned “publishing without responding”, the application is not microblogging but announcements, so maybe there are other ways to announce on the Fediverse than the M.

As my old friend Howard Rheingold keeps saying:

what it is --> is ---> up to us.

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Hm, but it said always “Funded Projects” – and none [0/zero/null/zéro] of these projects received funding.
See e.g. Webinar with the European Commission and AP Community - #20

Only immers was funded but by Coil/Mozilla …

You are pointing to a wiki post that I proposed to fill in for our presentation prep, but was never used in the end. In Scaling Up Cooperation - #5 by how you see (incomplete list of) funded projects, and a bunch of those were mentioned during the webinar.

Note too that the main focus wasn’t on funding in this introductory talk + discussion, but in general we mentioned and highlighted the dedication and support of NGI and by extension the EU/EC for the future of the fediverse. And this is very much a collaborative event, organized together.