… speaking of which:

For all who want to encourage their public administrations to use the fediverse please have a look at #Fedigov

(The question came up at the #FediverseFachtag )

c/o Fedi Integration for EU Institutions

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I’m always surprised at how much work in sister organizations (e.g., EDRi members such as FSFE and Digital Courage, and to a lesser extent petites singularités) is done in parallel without much knowledge of other’s ongoing work. Fortunately we have eyes everywhere. :wink:

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I became a technologist having fallen into eGovernment prior to finishing my Economics and Politics degree.

The impact from breaking down silos really made a deep impact on me.

Skipping forward the dynamics for silos are still there, albeit like many things the drivers and inhibitors have changed.

Hopefully, in November you can impact how multifaceted federated technologies can be to (positively) alter information flows in the public space.

Heres a Brussels event re Mastodon:

Mastodon : Remettre l’humain au cœur du réseau social
lundi 09 octobre 2023
Le DK – Saint-Gilles 70b rue de Danemark, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Durant cet ate­lier, nous nous pro­po­sons de vous faire décou­vrir Mas­to­don et d’accompagner vos pre­miers pas dans cet uni­vers décen­tra­li­sé, si dif­fé­rent des pla­te­formes aux­quelles nous sommes accoutumé·e·s.

Moda­li­tés pra­tiques : Dans la mesure du pos­sible, venez avec un ordi­na­teur, ou, au mini­mum, un smart­phone ou une tablette per­met­tant de vous connec­ter à internet.

c/o Constante ASBL -

Ah nice. @natacha and I might be there if that does not encroach too much on our writing residency.

Any updates with the event?

Im still happy to assist however you require.

Feel free to contact me bilaterally via Matrix to give me parameters.

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” now can we try and speak with a “common language” and/or disagree “constructively” while listening to views we don’t understand is always the issues with events like this. #mainstreaming is the hardest thing to do well, if at all, let’s try and hold some ground as a first step :slight_smile:

Plenary sessions 15/11 - Next Generation Internet Forum 2023 This is on, and they have moderation on the comment syteam, so the is a big delay for comments to go through that is if they go through #NGI #EU

The is NO public chat, so the participants CANNOT talk to each other at all. This removes the best part of these events, they try to do this at this every event, normally we can force them to turn this on, but this time they are using a custom CMS do you think it has this function if so can people please ask them to turn this on thanks.

  • I have asked them to do this on all the social media #NGI #EU where is the public chat for the streaming video at this event

  • #NGI #EU please turn on the public chat, so the people at this public event can talk to each other #4opens

  • #NGIForum23 The is NO public chat, the participants CANNOT talk to each other. This removes the best part of these events. People please ask them to turn on public chat, thanks.


Had a look thought the #Particify site, and it seems to be only a ONE-WAY tool, with controlled/shaped feedback. Which is why whoever organized #NGIForum23 used it. This is not “people to people” and it’s not “trust”. How can we go about putting in an official complaint to #NGI and their sponsors about this mess they keep pushing #EU

Anyone up for helping with this.

@how I wanted to thank you for making sure that ActivityPub were represented in the form of a workshop.
It pleased me that your conversational approach for the workshop worked and that your chairing enabled that everybody got a chance to speak and the topics of discussion were representative.
Im sure this is in part why you seemed to be so well considered by many who I had the pleasure to interact with over the last few days, which no doubt feeds into wider confidence regarding ActivityPub regarding the NGI initiative.

Given my understanding that NGI events had historically overly technocratic and not giving space for technical coding orientated people to be on the stage I feel that this (in all likelihood) has been an improvement.

While its understandable from both in venue and online attendees had specific/general misgivings regarding some of the corporate emphases that existed within the event (most egregiously in the panel discussion concerning the digital commons), I do feel that the balance was overall reasonable (ie, there was a representation of different types of stakeholders and one viewpoint was not overly prescribed to the detriment of others).

I was a little embarrassed that my volunteering for the workshop had the unintended consequence of my lanyard stating ‘Socialhub’, as in no ways would I consider myself to be fully authoritative, representative, or exemplary. And I stated it as such.

However, it did mean that I did receive some feedback.
As such, one person felt that the culture in these forums is too hostile for their tastes and cited an example, whereby somebody was dangling support in quite a chiding and embarrassing way.
Given, that, we may need to consider finger waving and overly competitive behaviour encouraging outsiders not to participate in discussions.
Additionally, the ‘rocks’ domain name was considered as brash and offputting.


Let’s ask why are they reluctant to let people talk to each other online at #NGI top-down events.

Horizontal vs Vertical is a basic question of are they #fitforpurpuse for the #openweb

internet of humans needs people being able to talk to people, this is basic #4opens

#KISS #trust #dontbeaprat

If I felt the need to maximize my time I moved into the foyer and talked to somebody :wink:

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It surprises me that you have not not complained about the anglophone bias of this conference.

Surely this is the most exclusionary facet of this event?

Best not to build up a #ragecircle on this as it’s a #KISS issue, how do #NGI do people to people trust based events online and off.

To work towards this, use #FOSS video streaming with simple tools for audiences chat and wikis (for links and notes) for the online participants. A very basic idea for a people to people internet based on trust.

#BBB does this well.


  • FOSS video streaming solution

  • Simple tools for audiences chat, one to meany and one to one

  • A open to edit shared doc (for links and notes) for the online participants to use

A very basic path for people to people internet based on trust, the openweb

The fact of the matter is that from speaking with NLNet and NGI decision makers it is clear that they are parsimonious wrt their activities.
This is because their core intention of getting at much of their funds in the hands of grounds up developer communities and running as lean an operation as possible.

Their successes are from reducing the time to market for technology development, which is demonstrable relative to historical or alternative European research investments.

We arent going to make them budge from that and I dont blame them.
Its their #KISS strategy.


Thank you @indieterminacy for your kind words.

I must say I was quite happily surprised to see that many good people that ended up filling the full two days with good discussions. I was disappointed though that no EU policy people came to the workshop. It seems that all policy people went away at the last plenary before all the workshops started, and we were left among ourselves without any kind of wrap-up and good byes: this shows how different the EU events work from the grassroots events, where we take care of the ending as much as the beginning.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop, IMO, was that we should focus on the protocols and its usage rather than differentiated apps: clients should be able to talk to any server and combine various services to get the most out of the ActivityPub protocols and experience.