Over the last year, we have had a splintering of the #activitypub community over a lot of different silos

Over the last year, we have had a splintering of the #activitypub community over a lot of different silos, (mostly using discourse ) rather than here on #socialhub

This is both fine, and also self-destructive in a sadly normal way in the demise of grassroots groups.

If we are to keep being relevant for the #openweb we have to think about this and deal with the #stupidindividualism that pushes this bad mess as “common sense” thing to do.

Do people understand that the value is in the messy “grassroots” and not in the “clean silos” people are shifting their focus too. This should be “common sense”.

Which are these silos that you mention? I am not aware of any other sites to discuss Activitypub development, besides this one.

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This discourse site was set up with the understanding that discourse would implement #activitypub funding to make this happened was agreed twice from NLNET, but the discourse crew changed their minds and declined to implement AP in their codebase.

Thus, this site has been a silo, outside the fediverse for the last few years… over the lasts 6 months many projects have splinted off this silo to create different silos, generally using non AP discourse.

The is no good solution in the current codebases, nothing fediverse native… so maybe it would have been better to have the cross-fertilization in a single silo than spreading thin the focus over meany small silos.

As I say, the is no good outcome, but there are differently worst outcomes… what do you think?

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If you are looking for a federated forum, maybe lemmybb could be an option.

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It’s an interesting project for its aproch, taking something old and established and updating it to modern tech standards and working. The next issue is outreaching it, who to and how.