Place to discuss general issues of interop between implementations?

Hi all, is there a place to discuss general Fediverse interoperability on the application layer? Not on a spec level but for topics like “let’s brainstorm how various AP-compatible servers could interpret an Article object type and render it for their users” or discussing general principles of interoperability.

I could imagine a sub-category for interoperability under Software, but maybe somewhere else would make sense?

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hi darius! A similar topic is Content, text/plain, and fallback behaviors for limited clients, which is focused on rich text support specifically.

In general, I think concerns of interoperability are always a concern for the community group. Even if it’s not a discussion about hard requirements, things like codifying best practices, hashing out general principles, and coming to consensus on guides to implementation are definitely things the process can help with. Overall, I’d recommend using the #activitypub topic—#software is designed to be focused on specific implementations.

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Another topic you might be interested in is Resolving the Note vs. Article distinction, which dives into a lot of thoughts about what people are intending when they use Article

Thanks, I’ll post this kind of stuff in #activitypub.

Maybe we could use an #interop tag or similar to keep things easy to follow.


@how I think the time is right for the creation of the #interop tag.

See this thread about the need for ironing out compatibility bugs between #activitypub #software

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I’ve created the #interop tag


Thanks for the mention. I am not sure I understand how the tag system is suppose to work here. What category are posts about #interop suppose to posted in? Lets say I want to work out interoperability between polls posted from Misskey showing up on Hubzilla. Where would this posted?

Tags cab be used across categories. If you don’t know where to post things, don’t categorize then, and someone who knows better will move it to the right place. Following @nightpool:

If post something related to two implementations in #software