Planning the next SocialCG meeting: when?

Saturday the 8th sounds good to me! I’ll work on announcing it

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OFFDEM was a busy time indeed …
But how about saturday?

any efforts ?

Yep, things are still on for Saturday the 8th / 2020-02-08T16:00:00Z

Thanks @Sebastian for the thread on the fedi for reminding me that there is another working group coming up. Is there a date and time and agenda in place for this coming week?


Hi. I would be happy to do a meeting. I think we didn’t set the date/time in the last one for the upcoming one.

We could do this Saturday; I am free for that… next week Saturday also open. @nightpool, what’s your availability?


Lets do it next week Saturday so we can give people more then 3 days to plan on attending. We could also use this Saturday to meet anyway (less officially) and talk about a more “official” schedule for these meetings going into the rest of 2020.

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Sunday came and went. So should we announce that there is something happening in one week?!

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hey all! sorry for the radio silence on my end over the past couple weeks—ive been having some computer issues, ironically, and I haven’t been able to keep as close an eye on this forum, or spend as much time on ActivityPub work, as I’ve wanted to. I’m happy to try and do a meeting this Saturday, but I’d like to get a clear agenda nailed down ahead of time with people willing to talk about each item.

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I can attend on Saturday.

I could talk about content addresed vocabulary if there’s interest. I don’t have other active topics for this week in particular.


I’d attend as well.
Yes, I’d love to hear more about content adressed vocab. and how we could help with OCAP.

Also we finished the SRP6a/AES/RSA parts for redaktor.
• I would be interested in E2E endcryption and maybe there are intersections w. content adressing.

• We should also talk about the summer conf now as anything is settled and we would like to start organising,
e.g. the virtual A.P. conf we voted for before fediconf – but if not, I am fine and have sparetime :wink:

• Then we should probably talk about going on with the huge guide (?)

It is short notice but I will ping
At meeting in cologne we talked about the C2S and how we can
• do widgets and interfaces together.
One of the next steps is to add the “native” A.P. widgets to the 138 redaktor/widgets

And I’ll ping
for the same but also for the
• “multilanguage” thing, see e.g. LibreLingo
( btw, see also redaktor/languages )

The average visit per person here is about 1 visit per WEEK (not day) :
It is on short notice and probably hard to react for some people within 24 hours and some are travelling today and also are in different timezones which makes it hard to reach the people now.
As said, my impression is:
Better than having to alarm people in the last minute or forcing them to look on Fridays (which is made For Future), let’s keep the old calendar, put meetings in each 2 weeks and see what subjects people add over the time.
I mean: This had worked nice before …
The general topics, people would like to discuss, are clear if you think of the last threads in this forum as Captain Obvious.

Last threads include
• Usage of Groups thread 1 thread 2

• Streamlined UX thread

• SOLID thread

and many questions involve “porting data and e.g. friends collections (between instances)”

I was pretty much in contact with german members of parliament (Green, SPD and Pirates) this week to look into how we can create a lobby for Open Protocols at the EU level.
I could talk about that.
And we have a new promising law in germany which says it is not ok to use t./fb. for authorities and so the awareness rises. E.g. a chief of a huge Data Protecting Office began A.P. coding his own thing :wink:
But we don’t need to talk about this now.


I’d attend just because I’m curious :slight_smile:

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and I think to be curious is most important :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I can’t make it because I am experiencing an urgent medical issue and am on my way to the hospital :frowning:

Hope you all have a good meeting in my absence though.

It looks like we only have two or so people for the meeting, so maybe instead of the full voice experience we can just have a more informal chat on IRC. It seems like it would be good to talk through 1) the meeting schedule and 2) the proposed apconf virtual conference.

well, as so many people wrote now :
Nobody can and will react within 24 hours.
Feel free to see the average view count in this forum.
It is simple science in your admin view.

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I mean I wanted to attend for quite some time, but whenever I saw a thread about a meeting, it was already confirmed and then done shortly. And that’s me who has no life.

Another option is to create a dedicated topic as a wiki and see what questions come up, how they can be addressed asynchronously, and find a date later to address those that could not be fixed.

Yes, I thought about this as well.
My “proposal” is a Hashtag like DiscussThisInSocialCG or a better name and that can be used in any thread and we can notify the people involved.

Also: Question, where are all the minutes (logs) for the last meetings ?
Did they just go to / IRC log or are they bundled somewhere?
In the past there was this “official page”

Let’s make it soon. What do you think of my proposal above to create a dedicated wiki topic and figure out a date later? As most of us are confined it might be a good moment for online meetings anyway, right?

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How about next Saturday, at the usual time?

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