Planning the next SocialCG meeting: when?

We haven’t yet had a SocialCG meeting in 2020. When’s the next best time?

Some Saturday I’m guessing? Mine are fairly open for the next few weeks.

@nightpool, when works for you?

Next saturday ?


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Obviously not.
Next saturday is OFFDEM so how about wednesday ?


Probably not.
How about an AMA or something mumblish at OFFDEM then ?

Hey all, sorry for disappearing for a chunk of January! I’m available the 1st or the 2nd, but we can also push back to the 8th or the 9th if we don’t want to overlap with OFFDEM. If we want to meet during the week, I’m only available before 10am EST or after 6pm EST


I think FOSDEM/OFFDEM is a busy time of year for many, and so maybe it doesn’t make sense to overload it. I’m also available on the 8th/9th so how about doing that?

Either day works for me; we’ve been doing Saturday so maybe continuing with that is a good idea?

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Saturday the 8th sounds good to me! I’ll work on announcing it

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OFFDEM was a busy time indeed …
But how about saturday?

any efforts ?

Yep, things are still on for Saturday the 8th / 2020-02-08T16:00:00Z