Planning the next SocialCG meeting: when?

well, as so many people wrote now :
Nobody can and will react within 24 hours.
Feel free to see the average view count in this forum.
It is simple science in your admin view.

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I mean I wanted to attend for quite some time, but whenever I saw a thread about a meeting, it was already confirmed and then done shortly. And that’s me who has no life.

Another option is to create a dedicated topic as a wiki and see what questions come up, how they can be addressed asynchronously, and find a date later to address those that could not be fixed.

Yes, I thought about this as well.
My “proposal” is a Hashtag like DiscussThisInSocialCG or a better name and that can be used in any thread and we can notify the people involved.

Also: Question, where are all the minutes (logs) for the last meetings ?
Did they just go to / IRC log or are they bundled somewhere?
In the past there was this “official page”

Let’s make it soon. What do you think of my proposal above to create a dedicated wiki topic and figure out a date later? As most of us are confined it might be a good moment for online meetings anyway, right?

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How about next Saturday, at the usual time?

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