Public Spaces conference March 11 and 12, registration required

I heard about PublicSpaces Conference #1 - PublicSpaces which seems like it might be interesting to some in this community. It’s free to attend, but you need to register. Starting 2021-03-11T16:00:00Z.

We would like to start a conversation on how to bridge the gap between these public organisations and open source developers. Where to get funding? How to start co-creation with a public organisation? And how to create better designed, user-centric, value driven tools that are easy to implement by broadcasters, museums and festivals? A discussion with developers, investors, politicians and public organisations.


Unfortunately I cannot register since this is not a public space

I tried to register to this conference, only to facepalm at the service provider “hopin”: their website does not work at all without JavaScript and each call to their pages require calls to at least a dozen different domains “just to work”, including many trackers. Coming back to Public Spaces manifesto, where you can read, among other things:

Our guarantees

In our view, founded in our values and principles, the internet should house truly public spaces, where specific guarantees can be extended to all those who enter these public spaces:

  1. User data are safe and can never be provided to third parties.


Well, maybe the Public Spaces Conference could start with actually providing this setting to their own participants. Otherwise I cannot see how they will gather people working on digital public spaces besides those who do not have a clue about what they’re talking about, or do compromise enough not to find it problematic to send user data to GMAFIA in the process of registering to the conference.

Once again, this situation repeats where people prefer to ignore the technical issues underlying their positions rather than embrace them and make a stand. I am so sad that it happens yet again, despite the appetizing round table participants. I cannot see anything good coming from there where a (digital) public space is not provided to discuss and debate about (digital) public spaces. This kind of oversight generates thought bubbles way too present within academic circles where only a small piece of the puzzle is taken as the whole.

This message, originally posted at Public Spaces conference next week - #2 by how was also sent to Contact - PublicSpaces, where I urge you to send similar comments about data surveillance and the fact it keeps away people who actually are involved with (digital) public spaces.

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Yes, I got the exact same feeling, not even by trying to subscribe. I am missing an About Us providing some transparency who’s behind the initiative, and other than that the Contact Us form also doesn’t feel very ‘public space’ to me :slight_smile:

Organised by Waag it says on front page - they are pretty cool and helped set Fairphone up, so that’s a good track record.

Confirm. Waag is great. I also use their Jitsi instance (to alleviate load on main Jitsi servers) at

The Mapping the ecosystem track might be a good place to bring up the Interoperability plans of SocialHub, and how federation might support “community has no boundaries” paradigm in support of this ecosystem.

Did anyone actually attend those sessions? Is there anything we can use from there?