SocialCG meetings calendar

We have a calendar with CG meetings. We can also put any other events here as we need!

You can view in browser or subscribe/download ics link.

If you are organising events or other meetings, tell me if you want write access to the calendar (or tell me the details and I can add things).

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Previously the meetings were at UTC timezones; but these are recurring events set to London time zone - in other words, for some people the meetings will shift an hour with the UK’s summer time. Is this intentional?

(Also, just curious, why in the iCal files are the UID’s “”? Should be “” I think?)

Thanks @jarofgreen, I’ve fixed the nextcloud calendar timezones, and sneaky google ids.

The calendar links have changed - I’ve updated the links in the original post. Sorry to anyone who already subscribed, you’ll just have to grab it again.

I totally did not realise that socialhub generates its own ICS, until @how mentioned it elsewhere recently. So now i’m wondering if I should drop the nextcloud calendar and we rely on the forum? Or have both (because the forum doesn’t do repeating events afaik, and having the holding events into the future before the meeting is announced can be helpful.)

I prefer keeping things together, i.e. on the forum. But on the other hand things on the forum might be improved to keep the overview. I created Improving forum + overall community accessibility for that (one improvement here is if @how installs a plugin to give us a dropdown menu showing all the various locations where AP activity is ongoing, fep, socialcg, bbb, jitsi, gh, conf, etcetera).

Ok, so after some chat in the IRC group last night I ended up setting up something for me to use. If others find it useful too that’s cool. is events for next 2 months.

In the footer of that page you can click a link and set the timezone you want to view in (I can’t see that on the NextCloud Web calendar?)

It will automatically add more according to the pattern, always for the next 2 months - this Python bots does that You can see it strictly adds in UTC and I’ve tested on my dev machine - when summer comes, events in the UK timezone shift an hour.

ICAL feed:

JSON feed:

ActivityPub outbox: with each event

And following miggggghhhhhhht give you Event objects sent to your inbox - I’ll admit my ActivityPub interop has not been fully tested … but if anyone wants to follow that, and is prepared for a bit of chat with me, I’m happy to make that work better in the future.

And finally, if @rhiaro or other chairs want they can create a login and I’ll give them access to edit events - so more details can be added - special one-off changes can be made - etc. PM me.

(BTW this software does do reoccurring events, but I’ve deliberately not used that feature here for several reasons - a key one being the ActivityPub event object doesn’t support them [ I’ll post more on that later :slight_smile: ] and I wanted something that had fuller ActivityPub support, given the subject! )

For keeping things on the forum,

Maybe an approach similar to what I’ve done here, with a bot that makes holding issues for future meetings a few months in advance? Or would that just get spammy? But if we do go down that road, I can set up an Forum iCal -> ActivityPub actor interface so people can follow on ActivityPub (my software already does iCal import.)

Anyway, very happy to delete what I’ve done if we work out something else good - it already made me improve some things in my software last night so that’s always good! :slight_smile:


Been hacking this weekend. Now if you follow

you’ll get a public note appearing in your timeline on the morning of events. So even if your software doesn’t support Event objects, you will still get a reminder. Tested successfully with Mastodon - other software may need tweaking but happy to chat.