SocialHub at OFFDEM

Continuing the discussion from SocialHub at OFFDEM:

Since the Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom at FOSDEM is set to happen on Sunday February 2nd, let’s gather for the

Caturday SocialHub at OFFDEM

Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at VSP, 15 minutes away from the Campus Solbosch.

This topic is to prepare the meeting, define the needs and wants, and see who’s up for it!

More information about OFFDEM, the Off festival of FOSDEM.

I will be attending!

Topics I would be interested in discussing:

ActivityPub for communities, social and civic organizations

How is (or could) ActivityPub be used in communities, social and civic organizations? What are the currently ongoing projects?

Related projects include:

Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing means maintaining the state of a system by tracking the sequence of changes to the system. Activities in ActivityPub are events that describe a change in the system state. To what extent can ActivityPub be seen as an event sourcing system. What is the minimal amount of state that needs to be held to implement an ActivityPub server? What is the minimal amount of state mutation that needs to be implemented?

Capability-based security

Work by @cwebber and the keynote by Mark S. Miller at ActivityPubConf 2019 have stirred my interest in capability-based security.

  • What is current state of implementing this in ActivityPub?
  • Any experiences with existing systems using capability-based security?

I’ll be attending as well.

Wanting to continue my work on decentralised hashtag federation, I’m mainly interested in the following topics:

  • representing hashtags (or their stores and relays) as ActivityPub actors
  • how to couple existing ActivityPub servers with an additional P2P proxy component
  • the existing relay implementations

Looking forward to seeing you folks there!

I will attend OFFDEM.

In general I have a strong opinion on FOSDEM which is :
Events like 36c3 seem to be a much better place to talk about ActivityPub while google and facebook takeover FOSDEM at the same time when Mozilla is kicking out 70 people and FSFE closes Düsseldorf office and other civil rights organisations like edri seem to become powerless.


is important to me and related projects also should include redaktor :wink:
We nearly have a really generic nodeJS AP server (full AP spectrum) including groups and topics etc. and do corresponding client webcomponents for CRUD to praise the AP C2S API …

from 36c3

We discussed “Awareness Formats for ActivityPub” like

  • a virtual week conf before/after Barcelona with an AskMeAnything with Chris etc.

  • Local clusters / Install Parties w. local associations, clubs, pubs, NGOs, XR

  • A placard and billboard campaign

We are in contact with journalist from the “science session” at 36c3 and with Verge and Guardian. Maybe we can plan a “closed group” …

Apart from that most key points were written already, I’d like to add some
other “most important tasks” :

  • Encouraging Multi Language Use of the protocol implementations
  • Discovery and “porting friends” (between instances)
  • Topics and Groups in ActivityPub

[ edit ]
We could also talk about or do the redesign of the main page regarding
draft / demo
guide text

[ edit 2 ]
I would also like to discuss the different CAP solution like
LiCE explicitly for pixelfed / pleroma
LiCE implicitly / ? for mastodon
OcapPub for the rest ???
and about fragementation / compatibility …

I’ll probably be attending as well, at least on the afternoon since I got nothing in what I planned so far.

Interests are:

  • Getting away from fediverse applications being clones of surveillance platforms
  • Getting implementations to work together
  • Finally starting to implement/use some stuff presented at APConf like:
    • DHT with Hashtags that schmittlauch presented?
    • Datashards!
  • Presenting pleroma and other non-mastodon implementations? (also thinking about GnuSocial and Friendica)

Not doing talks but could be interested in doing something like a workshop, maybe with someone else so it’s not just my own thing?

note to me : try to finish before …

[2020-01-19 05:58:05+0000] Sebastian Lasse |

note to me : try to finish before …

Yeah, would be interesting to get interoperability with yours. But not sure if it can be used directly in pleroma since it’s using TypeScript and we’re not and not sure if we have an alternative frontend which could.

Question :
On different channels people asked if there will be livestream or recording
which is obviously not but how about etherpads for remote participation ?

Matt Baer is “up to it” according to

Joe Siltberg from the Open311 community will try to attend.


This is the preliminary schedule of the OFFDEM. So far ActivityPub stuff is scheduled between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Saturday.

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An organisational question: If some of us want to structure the time between 9:00 and 17:00 a bit further and schedule sessions, we should agree on a place to keep track of it.
We can either do it in this thread on SocialHub or over at th OFFDEM discourse.

I vote for doing it here as most AP folks already have an account here (unfortunately Discourse doesn’t federate yet :wink:).

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Agreed to do it here.

We also have a chat now.
It is a wicked awesome !
“Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control.
Delta Chat does not need your phone number.”
Tell me if you want to be added.


The SocialHub room is dedicated so everyone can just come and figure out activities during the whole day. We didn’t book it for Sunday because of the Decentralized Internet and Privacy Devroom.

I second the suggestion to organize the day here.

Pssst, OFFDEM comes back in 2021!
It will be offline – aka an actual meating with smell and touch (and bacteria and virus), so we might want to keep things small, but of course a SocialHub is welcome!


If it’s possible at the time I am very up for coming to Brussels (I am so very travel deprived) but I am trapped in the UK and I don’t expect the EU will be opening the borders back up by then to be honest :frowning:


Maybe we can use @hamishcampbell’s ship to cruise across the Channel. Otherwise we might use Floating Point to smuggle you to destination… :wink:


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