Specifications and Implementation Docs

There are many standards documents written for federated software there is no concise list available anywhere.

If I missed any, feel free to reply with more. This post should be a wiki but I didn’t see an option to make it one.

Core Specifications:

Implementation specific:

Source for this list:

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I created the AP Developer Watchlist some time ago with the intent to make it this comprehensive list, also for standard references:

Also - part of the delightful project I started - there’s delightful-linked-data curated list:

Because all of the Fediverse-related resources are so dispersed all across the web, I proposed adding a dropdown-menu above this forum (there’s a Discourse plugin for that) to make navigation to all of these much easier. This is still an option to add. See:

With a list of references like yours above:

Then there may still be interest for fedi.foundation as a top-level drilldown to the AP Fediverse, and where this infor can be made accessible:

Finally when it comes to specific implementations, the AP Application Watchilist is the most complete resource available:

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Tons of great resources there, especially the comprehensive watchlists you linked. Each of the lists I posted has eleven members which isn’t as digestible as a top three or top five, but I think there’s value in having a short list of the most used standards and specifications. If any of those should be replaced or if another order is more representative, let me know and I’ll edit the list.

Some standards processes want to see X% of uptake by the community before going FINAL. Might be interesting to do a survey to see how many projects have integrated each standard or spec in any fashion.

In any case, this isn’t meant to be final or authoritative (what can be in decentralized software) but the new Standards category was looking bare and this is the one thing I wanted to add that’s more general than AP.

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