Spritely Project: The Super Exciting Future Of Fediverse

Wow!! Pfew… does the future of the Fediverse looks truly exciting :sparkling_heart:
Christopher Lemmer Webber has launched a website with more details on the Spritely project.

The Spritely Project

The Spritely Project

Spritely is a project to level up the federated social web and consists of a number of modular components bringing new and rich features. Better worlds await, because better worlds are possible. We all deserve freedom of communication. Why not make the journey fun in the process?

Meet the Spritely Family

Goblins: Distributed Programming
Porta & Bella
Porta & Bella: Portable Encrypted Storage
Brux: Contact Management
Mandy: Easy ActivityPub Integration
Hyptis: Distributed Finance
Oaken: Safely Run Untrusted Code
Fantasary: Distributed Virtual Worlds
Aurie: Serialize and Restore the World
Questie: Distributed Debugging

See also: Fediverse and Object Capabilities (Ocap)


Hello! Thanks for sharing it. Yes, things are finally getting to the point where I’m ready to start making more noise about it publicly… I’ve been mostly quiet about Spritely while I did the research on the fundamentals. The research, at this point, is mostly done: we’re now at the building stage, with the most foundational layer (Goblins) becoming quite usable.

Happy to talk more if people have questions.


Dang I’m super interested, where can I follow along and maybe contribute?
I wanted to see if there was interest in the idea of sharing functions and libraries via AP

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Hi @wooster! Conversation has happened in the IRC channel and on the social media accounts linked at the top of the Spritely website, as well as on the GitLab repo

I haven’t added more yet because that’s already a lot to keep on top of, but maybe in the long run another more asynchronous forum with long-running messages would be nice… especially if dogfood’ed on top of Spritely itself…!

My my… Lucky You   :partying_face:

Look at this beauty:

@cwebber has some very good news news about the Spritely project:

Jessica Tallon joins with a grant from NLNet/NGI Zero! Plus an interview!

Jessica Tallon will start to work on the project, and specifically on the implementation of Petnames with an implementation in Goblin Chat.