Standards/FEP forum permissions

Recently FEP activity has increased and several new draft proposals have been created. As part of our process we encourage submitters to create a discussion topic in the Standards / Fediverse Enhancement Proposals subforum here, however nobody seems to have that permission.

I’m requesting that we open up that subforum to allow logged-in users to create topics.

cc: @how @aschrijver

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I cannot arrange that, since I stepped down as moderator. The about page has details about forum staff.

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cc: @nightpool 67890

Since the tracking of the FEP topics is a bit tedious (see About the Fediverse Enhancement Proposals) I’d rather have responsible and motivated people take it over. Since you have several times asked for it, I’m happy to grant you @fep.hosts membership if you ask for it. :slight_smile: Technically it would be @cjs or @pukkamustard’s responsibility though.

Yes please add me to @fep.hosts. @cjs seems to have stepped away from the fediverse for a year plus. @pukkamustard has been in support of new editorship of the FEP process. To wit we have two prospective editors that we’ll want to add in coming weeks.

I see that the FEP topics were all moved and the original links say they’re scheduled to be deleted. If you can stop those from being deleted that’d be great just to avoid 404s in case they won’t auto-redirect.

The other question I have is about how the automation works. At what point does a topic get created?

I think it’s also best not to copy the contents of the FEP to the topic unless it’s automatically updated with each update to the codeberg/fep/ codebase.

Thanks for all this, just want to make sure everyone participating in FEPs has a smooth time of it.


Yes, links to these discussions have been shared everywhere. This migration broke links to specific posts, but I hope that thread links can be preserved.

Please request membership first → @fep.hosts

Moved topics redirect to the new ones. Once they are deleted, they turn into permalinks – or so did they until now.

There is no automation yet. There is documentation and follow up. But now that there is a stable Git repository, maybe we can think of using the Codeberg API and the Discourse API to automate the process:

  1. Watch changes to the feps repository
  2. When a pull request is made for a new FEP, create a draft topic in #standards:fep and add the link to the FEP Index
  3. When the pull request is merged into the main branch, update topic’s first post with the content of the FEP – changing authors with their local @handle.
  4. When the FEP status is made final, update the content with latest version, retag and publish the topic, and update the FEP Index.

Hopefully this is a weekend project to implement.

Yes, only the FINAL versions should be published. (And watched for changes)

Ah, this is annoying. If you know which links are broken, I can restore them using the permalinks feature. Sharing a specific #fep-abcd tag would avoid broken links to topics, but not posts.

This is why creating a topic with edition of the first post in mind is important, since changing contents there makes it more stable (no link change) and usable (page publishing feature).

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@weex is now owner of the @fep.hosts group and will be able to synchronize the Codeberg feps repository and #standards:fep documentation better. I remain available for guidance and eventually help to automate this process to make it much smoother and less work intensive than it is now.

Thank you @weex for stepping up!

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