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That’s a great and very comprehensive doc linked above and is good for it’s informational content.

However I’m skeptical that Twitter is going to do anything with their new standard (If they ever propose one) other than attempt to further fragment an already fragmented social media space. The AP community should learn what we can from all of what Twitter is doing but we should be skeptical of any proposed standards that increase the level-of-difficulty or barrier-to-entry that already exists in AP. What AP needs most right now is more tutorials and info to get it where new teams can pick it up faster. We don’t need more complexity right now or even a new standard. Maybe in 2 years. Not now.

The Fediverse is Twitter’s biggest threat right now, so anything they can do to cause turmoil and confusion in the Fediverse space, they’re going to do. It’s actually better for the world if Twitter is unable to interoperate with the Fediverse, in the short term, so that everyone first leaves twitter, and goes to the Fediverse. All Twitter is trying to do is remain relevant, and keep connectivity and access to a world that is leaving them behind.

If Twitter, for example, succeeds in making AP more difficult to get going (in a new implementation), while simultaneously fragmenting the Social Media space with yet another competing standard, then they will have successfully set back the Fediverse by a significant amount, damaging our community, while only Twitter benefits.

Also, even if Twitter has no real plans for a new standard, simply by claiming they’re creating one is enough to cause many large companies to slam on the brakes on any Fediverse work, until the Bluesky spec is out. So even if Twitter has no genuine plans to go forward they have every incentive to make the industry think they do, just to slow down Fediverse work.

Let’s remember the lesson of what Bill Gates did when he first realized Java was eating into his business: He tried to create his own competing version of the Java language, to take as much control as possible, while simultaneously damaging the rest of the industry.


Thank you so much for sharing!! Can’t wait to read it

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