Would it help to have a board specifically for developers working on federated events?

If you search for “events” on this forum, you come across a number of discussion threads, spread across a bunch of the different boards:

Would it help to have a board specifically for this area of work? This might help devs working on free code projects that have events-related features, to break the problem of federated events into smaller, more manageable chunks.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “board” in this context. Several discussions were started in various contexts (e.g., #software:mobilizon or #software), but the main discussion for developers of Federated Events happens in that topic of #activitypub. It really depends on the context: interop, a specific implementation, etc.

Do you think there should be a dedicated category instead of several topics?

Yes. What I’m seeing is that it’s too big a field of activity, with too many interested parties, to be sorted out in a single discussion thread. It seems like it needs a dedicated space in which to separate out the discussion into multiple threads. That’s what I mean by a “board” (from pre-web “bulletin board”), which I think is what you mean by “category”.

What do others think?

Might make it easier for people like me who try and follow discussions - and I do specifically want to follow and commit to event related federation. My focus on activitypub is very sporadic (based on available time/headspace in relation to paid work on other topics) so something to follow, collate, read, could help.

Perhaps the category could cover both events and groups, incorporating discussions like this?