100 participants, registration closes soon

robin Yay
some hours left to register

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line

What is the point of limiting the number of participants? We can always bring more people through asynchronous channels like IRC, Matrix, or here.

cc @mlemweb
The point was “Due to bandwidth limitations of video conferencing software” -

I propose to make clear at the webpage that registration is “officially closed” and brand anything saying “register” to “join waiting list” 

And then we can bring those people in via the other channels 

The registration only accounts for the live video conferences. The videos will be available to everybody and any participation on other platforms is not restricted. We just don’t want to have so many people show up at the ‘live’ parts of sessions that Big Blue Button can’t handle it.

So, Sebastian, I agree with your proposed changes for the website. Maybe put a statements to the effect of:

“Registration for the live sessions of ActivityPub Conference (Paper Q&As and Birds of a Feather Sessions) is officially closed. If you would still like to participate in these, please join the waiting list and we will inform you if space becomes available. Otherwise, the videos of all talks, the IRC channel, and other asynchronous elements of the conference are available to everyone.”