13th Birthday 🎉

Hi fedizens! :slight_smile:

This year it’s the 13th anniversary [1] of the Fediverse! :tada: And Fedicat organizes a meeting in catalan and spanish. We will meet in a BBB thanks to eXO (guifinet).

If english/french/esperantist people wants to set up a meeting, I hope I can be there too. I also wrote a post in my blog (in catalan):

[1] Evan’s first post https://web.archive.org/web/20130531232111/http://identi.ca/notice/1

#Fediverse13 #HappyFedi2U


Yes, I also heard about it by @lightone of Fediverse Party who - like every year - wants to organize something special to celebrate. We are thinking about creating a post and a hashtag campaign, where this year we’d like to ‘flash-mob’ it to traditional social media, and attract some positive attention to fedi. Maybe by creating a whole bunch of funny memes for that.

I’ll pass this on to fediverse.party team (where I co-maintain the wiki), who may want to join SocialHub anyway :slight_smile:

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