2021-02-06 Social CG meeting - DEMOS! Diverse clients and generic servers

Date: 2021-02-06T15:00:00Z (Saturday)

Topic: Diverse clients and generic servers

Call for demos!

Many of us dream of a fediverse with a diverse range of specialised clients (doing one thing really well) which can communicate with generic servers, set up to handle any kind of incoming Activities (perhaps falling back to simple text descriptions for things they don’t understand).

If you are working on clients like this - even if it isn’t polished, or finished, or only half works, or is just a mockup - we would love a preview.

If you are working on generic servers, please share these as well!

Maybe we can find new opportunities to interoperate with each others software.

Please leave a reply below if you’d like to demo, and any links to your projects (or posts about your projects).


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I’m loving this thread.

We’d be very interested to present https://hubl.world/

Hubl is a federated and open source app.
Hubl help freelancers’ collectives and communities to collaborate online, exchange work, socialize, publish their events, find each other.

It is based on both Solid and ActivityPub.

If that fits the bill, we’d love to demo


The website looks great (btw, should add a link to the source code). Not sure how it all fits together with AP (found djangoldp_activitypub). With AP support I can add Hubl and/or Startin’Blox to the AP watchlist and/or AP dev watchlist (but I need to know which sources to link to).

Yes, we are aware that this is missing from the landing page. We’ll add a Gitlab link on it. In the meantime, here it is.

We use ActivityPub to handle our notification system. I’m actually not sure which piece of code I can point you to. Let me ask that to the real makers of this tool and I get back to you.

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Hi Alex,

Very cool!

DjangoLDP_ActivityPub isn’t the up-to-date link, it’s a proof-of-concept module which we’re not using on the servers

The current implementation of ActivityPub is in the DjangoLDP core repository, although there are still lots of open issues. It’s all in the activities Python module except for Activity and Follower models which can be found in djangoldp/models.py and the InboxView which is also in the core module (I suppose we should be packaging all of it into the activities module for cleanliness)

Some of the issues are very important (like the fact that we’re not authenticating the InboxView at all), and there are some which I’m sure mean that our implementation isn’t fully spec compliant. It’d be amazing if any ActivityPub devs were tempted to open some merge requests :slight_smile:

I did a quick review and labelled some good first issues - you can find them in https://git.startinblox.com/management/core-team/issues/15


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Wonderful, thanks. PS. I’ve upped both your trust levels, so you can paste in more links. PS2. linked issues require sign-up to view.

@aschrijver I tested in a private browser and I think the link was broken (sorry!)

I’ve updated my post with the correct one: https://git.startinblox.com/management/core-team/issues/15

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Meeting is now if y’all got the timezones wrong!

also tip: Dates and Times here are localised.
Set your timezone correct or hover the date.

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Yeah I noticed that long and it’s a really nice touch. I’m just too forgetful and didn’t put this one into my calendar to be spammed with reminders.

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Maybe the SocialCG is just the wrong / much to “time-limited” place to discuss a reference guide for a LD server.

A question:
What would be a nice format to discuss the pitfalls and solutions of a generic server?
To check out, what is needed. To work across languages. To compare existing solutions we saw.

Could this be e.g. a 3 days aynchronous hackathon (covering all timezones) where I would try again to bring implementors of all sizes together with BBB and federated tools?
I doubt it is fragmentation or a centralized forum.

To hear the voices of (for example) pleroma, peertube, funkwhale, pixelfed, mastodon, andstatus, bonfire, go-fed, openengiadina, redaktor, skohub, smithereen, writefreely and all the others and being major inclusive to beginners …

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