2021-02-12 Social CG Meeting

Hi all,

Unfortunately this week once again we have no chairs available for the SocialCG meeting. However, the BBB is available for anyone to use who would like to chat with others at the usual Friday time. Perhaps reply in this thread with topics you would like to discuss, so that others know who might be around.

Date: 2021-02-12T17:00:00Z

If some people do meet and you decide you would like to take notes in IRC that get persisted to the W3C servers, you can see how to do that on the SocialCG wiki. Ping me in IRC if you’re stuck and I’ll help if I’m online.

Some suggestions (but I don’t know if I am able to join yet):

SocialCG / SocialHub repository management

  • The AS / AP repo’s are full of longstanding open issues. Should we breathe life in repo maintenance again? How?

    • Closing issues leads to updates in spec. How are these handled? Is there a vNext planned?
  • We have tons of actionable ideas, some small some large, dwelling in this forum. Should we issue track them in a new repo?

  • #fediversity:fediverse-futures topics contain many ideas. I’d like to track them in a repo issue tracker. Allowed?

  • Is the Discourse Github plugin active, so issues + topics are auto-linked? (@how)

SocialHub website maintenance

  • I guess burden to maintain SocialHub website lies mostly with @cwebber. How can we share the burden?

  • Shouldn’t we significantly update the website, maybe completely revamp it first?

There’s an ongoing discussion about this: