2021 Year of the Fedizen: What are your exciting plans?


Dear Fedizen,

Happy New Year! This will be OUR year, as Fediverse keeps rising. We are at the Dawn of a New Age of truly social media. A veritable Next Web worthy to participate in and help evolve. We will continue to spread humanity to the digital realms together!

:rocket:   What are your exciting plans for 2021 ?

It would be wonderful to hear what y’all are up to this year, so that we may inspire each other and take our collective works to new heights. Are you planning a new server-side application, a great client app with cool capabilities, or do you have great new features stacked on the Roadmap of your existing project? What new innovative things are you researching, and what will this enable?

Very curious what the coming year will bring, so please chime in and let us know. And don’t hesitate to mention all the places where others may jump in, and help you push things forward ever faster. Oh, and while your at it, have a look at Fediverse Futures.

:sparkles:   Let’s create some magic together



Groups in Smithereen! Already have started working on them. Proper groups feel like the most-awaited ActivityPub feature of all time, and I’m happy to help make it happen.


Started to make my own small contribution to Fediverse: a federated video streaming platform.
Now trying to understand all aspects of ActivityPub protocol…

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