2022: Meetings for active developers

writefreely / redaktor meeting minutes:

Yesterday @thebaer and me met over the internets to talk about life :slight_smile:
Our last in-person-meeting was in Cologne 2 years ago, since then no private travelling …

Awesome @writefreely is currently working on comments and @redaktor.me working on the client.
Recently there are many bilateral talks and hacks, we had no volunteers for the rC3 meeting and so:

We thought, it would be nice to establish a

regular monthly meeting for all active ActivityPub developers

We would then like to identify missing pieces in the Client-to-Server (“C2S”) portion of the specs. and we would like to optimise it (each second week of a month).
The vision is still that any user can choose 1 server and use many diverse clients.

However, it is open to any AP/AS topic.
The meetings will depend on your suggestions and attendance, so it would be nice if you could send a small signal of empathy here :orange_heart:

For now it would be fine to know which weekdays you would prefer:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

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+1 awesome idea

Are there some kind of chat areas where fediverse developers hang out, e.g. a telegram room?

Until “fedi-chat” replaces it, that is! :slight_smile:


I have access to a big blue button ( https://bigbluebutton.org/ installation if this helps. The admin on is happy for non profits, charities and educational groups to use for free, I would guess we are classed as non profit.

I am able to approve sign-ups if that helps

Big blue button is an open source video conferencing platform,

The server / instal I am using is at https://faircam.net/ so could be useful if people wanted to meet up on video chat.

Hope this helps

Paul Sutton



Hi, @zleap -
this is a super nice offer and I share the enthusiasm for Big Blue Button :slight_smile:
We do have https://bbb.w3c.social where we usually meet.
We also did the last ActivityPub Conf with BBB:
The page might be down again but there is this mirror of the page (see e.g. Q&A and Lightning Talks) …

But it’s good to know and: Thank You!

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No problem, and you’re welcome

It will be there if we need it.


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Tuesday seems to be the day.
@thebaer Any preference for the first meeting?

@Sebastian As far as the date / week we do it?