2024! Happy Flourishing Fediverse šŸŒ»

Happy Flourishing Fediverse, Year of Grassroots Empowerment, 2024

Happy new year to all of you fine folks of the federated universe!

This year is likely to be of major importance to our future. In 2023 thanks to foundations that we have built, we could benefit from The Muskeningā„¢ and saw the Fediverse grow substantially in size and popularity. Many new fedizens ditched Xitter and other Social Media and chose to become explorers of our delightful online space.

As a result there are many new opportunities, but also we face signifant threats that must be mitigated. We need to organize our Grassroots Fediverse better, so that we can guarantee an open and decentralized ecosystem where our protocols and standards can evolve, based on our collaborative efforts.

:two_hearts: I appeal to all of you to take time to contribute to the technology substrate of the Fediverse, so together we will ensure that the Fediverse is made by the People for the benefit of the People.