About chapeau

Chapeau is a Python-based ActivityPub server, written in Django. It implements ActivityPub and a subset of the Mastodon API.

In the past it has also been known as un_chapeau, and as kepi (one of the submodules).

Repository: https://gitlab.com/marnanel/chapeau/ – also mirrored on github.

Installation guide: https://gitlab.com/marnanel/chapeau/blob/master/docs/installation.md

Demo site: None at present.

The name “chapeau” comes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story The Little Prince, where a snake who swallows an elephant is mistaken for a hat: the basis of the project was an implementation of the Mastodon protocol in Python.

Moved to #software:chapeau.

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cc to the python @emacsen : Chapeau – Python-based ActivityPub server, written in Django

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