About Go-Fed

Discussion about the suite of Golang ActivityPub libraries and tools.

Go-fed started as an ActivityPub library implementation in Golang in the winter of 2017. It’s since grown to also include a powerful code generation tool and an HTTP Signatures implementation.

About This Category

Feel free to discuss, ask questions, or propose features for go-fed’s libraries and tools:

  • github.com/go-fed/activity/astool - Generic tool to turn any OWL-defined ActivityStreams vocabulary into native Golang types.
  • github.com/go-fed/activity/pub - ActivityPub implementation in a library.
  • github.com/go-fed/activity/streams - ActivityStreams autogenerated native types by astool.
  • github.com/go-fed/httpsig - HTTP Signatures implementation in Golang.
  • github.com/go-fed/site - The go-fed.org website.
  • github.com/go-fed/presentations - Various slides and documents prepared for presentations or for at-home viewing.
  • github.com/go-fed/report - A very thin server only for generating an implementation report at test.activitypub.rocks (should NEVER be viewed as a reference for implementations)


I am reachable at @cj@mastodon.technology.

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