About Mitra

Federated micro-blogging platform.

Source code: https://codeberg.org/silverpill/mitra

Built on ActivityPub protocol, self-hosted, lightweight. Part of the Fediverse.


  • Micro-blogging service (includes support for quote posts, custom emojis and more).
  • Mastodon API.
  • Content subscription service. Subscriptions provide a way to receive monthly payments from subscribers and to publish private content made exclusively for them.
    • Supported payment methods: Monero and ERC-20 tokens (on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains).
  • Sign-in with a wallet.
  • Donation buttons.
  • Account migrations (from one server to another). Identity can be detached from the server.
  • Federation over Tor and/or I2P.

Follow: @mitra@mitra.social

Matrix chat: #mitra:hackliberty.org

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